Meet The Team

Gloria Voelker, Chief Editor

KDD Living was started as an experiment. It’s an embodiment of a vision that we’ve started calling a “micro news” movement. We all know the major news outlets and how they impact the world. What if there were other options? It doesn’t even have to be “news”, or unfolding events per se. It can simply be a place to read useful, informative information on topics relevant to what you like to read. Maybe you’re interested in home improvement, or topics related to family? Or perhaps it’s travel, careers, hobbies, you name it?

This particular project specializes in lifestyle and trying to make the most of what we’re given. You’ll find a range of topics that our articles cover in this area. Perhaps this site’s not for you? Well that’s OK, that’s exactly the point of a micro news site. It’s not for everyone, but we sure hope that at least a small group of people will find it a great place for them to get entertaining and interesting articles, for a nice break from the norm. Do you like what you’re reading? Make sure to let us know. We want our readers to be engaged, involved, and heard from.


Gloria Voelker
Chief Editor

The Team

Chief Editor: Gloria Voelker
Junior Writer: James Sullivan
Webmaster: Ed Staples